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As you may or may not be aware that part of your occupation as an employer / employee under the  Work Health and Safety Act   2011  is to ensure that people at the workplace are free from the risk of injury from electrical shock or any other injuries.

To meet this requirement  WorkSafe  /  WorkCover  /  Comcare  recommends the regular inspection, testing and tagging of all electrical equipment. This inspection and testing needs to be in accordance with the performance specifications of the  Australian Standard 3760:2010 .

This standard states that all electrical appliances, i.e.  all  items of electrical equipment that plug into the wall socket, including power boards and extension leads, must be safety tested. This also applies to employee's personal equipment that they may bring into the workplace. The equipment must then be tagged to say when the test was done, who performed the test and when the appliance should be re-tested.

The employer is also required to keep records of the testing and tagging of all electrical equipment in the workplace.

Mark it Safe Pty Ltd  will come into your workplace, inspect, test and tag all your electrical items. You will receive a computerised electrical asset report listing all your electrical equipment tested and repairs performed.

You will also receive a report, as per WorkSafe / WorkCover / Comcare requirements, that will state when each item was tested, who performed the test and, importantly, when it needs to be re-tested.  Plus you will receive a Compliance Certificate.  We can provide you a signage for your WHS noticeboards.

Mark it Safe Pty Ltd will also keep a record of when your equipment needs to be re-tested and provides an obligation free reminder for next test due in time to comply with WorkSafe’s / WorkCover’s / Comcare’s requirements.

What tests are performed?

  • An external inspection of the equipment and the flexible cord.
  • Protective earth continuity tests for Class 1 equipment, powerboards and cord sets.
  • Insulation testing by measuring insulation resistance or leakage current.
  • Correct polarity test of live connections in cord sets and cord extension sockets.

Mark it Safe Pty Ltd can, if required, replace failed/damaged tagged items, repair plugs, sockets and leads to get your equipment back into service with the least interruption.

  • Supply tagged IEC lead
  • Supply tagged Clover leaf power lead for Laptop/Notebook AC Adaptor or other equipment
  • Supply tagged 4 outlet powerboard
  • Supply tagged 6 outlet powerboard
  • Supply tagged 4 outlet powerboard, surge protection
  • Supply tagged 6 outlet powerboard, surge protection
  • Supply tagged 2m extension lead
  • Supply tagged 3m extension lead
  • Supply tagged 5m extension lead
  • Supply Trip Safe Cables Cover- Velcro Yellow and 1.8 m

    Mark it Safe Pty Ltd has a WHS Policy Statement and a Safe Work Procedure.

    Mark it Safe Pty Ltd uses the latest technology Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) – PrimeTest 300.

    Mark it Safe Pty Ltd  can also perform Microwave Oven Leakage tests as per AS/NZS 60335.2.25:2002.

    Mark it Safe Pty Ltd’s ACN: 126 439 227, Business Insurance Policy No: 122A003976TSP – Products and Public Liability: $20,000,000.00, and Workers Compensation Policy No: 24 2971674 GWC – unlimited common law.

    All staff from Mark it Safe Pty Ltd have been issued a ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ General Registration.

    Call us now on 0430 065 229 to find out more our tagging and testing services.

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